#TrendAlert: Gorgeous Navratna Jewellery Making Their Way To Bridal Jewellery Collection!

June 29, 2020



APRIL 9, 2020

Indian brides are always spoilt with choices when it comes to selecting their wedding day jewellery, our latest favorite being the Navratna Jewellery. While the traditional satlada haars and gold jewellery can never go out of style, how about experimenting with these gorgeous colourful jewellery pieces?

Wondering what Navratna jewellery is all about? Well, Navratna is a sanskrit term for ‘ nine gems’ and therefore, these jewellery pieces are crafted using those nine gems making them stand out from the rest of the jewellery collection. The combination of these nine gems is said to be astrologically auspicious for HindusSikhs, Jains and Buddists. Generally, navratna jewellery consists of the following 9 high born and flawless gems.

  • Ruby for Surya (Sun),
  • Pearl for Chandra (Moon),
  • Red Coral for Mangala (Mars),
  • Emerald for Budha (Mercury),
  • Yellow Sapphire for Bṛhaspati (Jupiter),
  • Diamond for Shukra (Venus),
  • Blue sapphire for Shani (Saturn),
  • Hessonite for Rahu (the ascending lunar node)
  • Cat’s Eye for Ketu (the descending lunar node)

And, so if you thought of including these jewelry pieces in your wedding collection too, we know exactly how you can style them. Take inspiration from these real brides who totally slayed navratna necklaces on their wedding. You will be surprised to know the number of ways you can style the same jewellery piece that too effortlessly.

So, scroll down to check out some of the most stunning Navratna jewellery inspirations for your bridal collection!

1. Yes, it was the beautiful Mira Rajpat who brought the trend of Navratna Jewellery by wearing it on her wedding day.

P.S we totally admire her styling sense where she complemented her multicolored jewellery with a blush pink lehenga and looked all stunning!

navratna jewellery

2. Ditch the usual floral jewellery and instead pick these gorgeous colorful gems for your playful mehendi ceremony. What say?

These pretty ladies did know how to be a trendsetter as they wore these stylish navratna jewellery pieces with their dainty yellow wedding outfits.

navratna jewellery

Image Source: 7th Avenue Jewellery